Hello Bitcoin family,

In 2007 when I came to india for education, $1=38rs, and now 2021, it’s $1=76rs.
In 2000 Argentina was $1 = 1Peso, In 2018 during my travels $1 = 25 Pesos, 2021 $1 = 100 Pesos.

Let me tell you a little more about me

Please be Lil patient with me, I am learning every day something new and this journey is getting richer with the number of people I meet. I believe in Kindness. Thank you for your patience.

I want to travel around 40 countries in the next 400 days with Bitcoin only. The purpose is to show Humans of Bitcoin around the world through the vlogs that will be shared on my youtube channel.

I have been slowly and gradually entering the rabbit hole. I strongly believe in the community that is spread around the world.

In 2013 I was introduced to Couchsurfing and I started hosting over 25 travelers from all over the world in 1 little room in Muscat, Oman. They taught me about Sabbatical, and I jumped right away.

In 2015, I quit my job, and with only $7000 in my pocket, thinking I will take a 6-month sabbatical, next thing you know 24 countries later, it’s been 1200 days. I went about running in over 250 cities. I really love running and eating. I guess it’s just the right mix. Run eat Repeat.

I had couchsurfed with over 350 families during my journey.

I ran out of money in 6 months but had just landed in the USA, so I kept moving, volunteering, doing small jobs, and continued traveling coast to coast from San Francisco to Miami and then went through Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala.

I was teaching English in Colombia, Dumpster Diving in Ecuador, Selling peanuts in Peru, A guide and wood logger in Chile & writing names in Hindi in Argentina.

As such, I was bartering my way throughout the journey. This wouldn’t have been possible without the support of the Couch Surfing Community and the lovely people I met throughout my journey. I have plenty of stories to share. As of now, I share 3 stories/ week on my Instagram channel – www.instagram.com/runeverycity

Well 2019, I was a waiter in various cities in India, then sold milk and chicken for an E-commerce website. I quit the job to be a caddy to a golfer.

2020, I started Vlogging and sold masks, gloves & cigarettes during the Lockdown.

2021, I trekked to Everest Base Camp, Nepal – once in a lifetime experience and started a drop service business to assist folks around the country with videos, logos, websites, etc.

2021 – A real good friend gave me “The Bitcoin Standard” to read and it just opened my eyes as to what is happening around us. I really related to this and was inspired to do my part.

Well on August 25th,2021 I started planning the Project of RUN WITH BITCOIN. To travel around 40 countries in 400 days.

I am curious to see the Mass Awareness & adoption of Bitcoin in over 40 countries in 5 continents. ( USA, Canada, Europe, Australia too, subject to Visa approvals)

I have been talking to so many folks around the industry and I have slightly understood that the Industry is split between Crypto & Bitcoin.

I have clearly made my choice, even though I get approached by various folks around the country with their tokens/coins/exchanges.

Everybody has their vision and purpose and they have a mission, I listen and learn. This will keep on going forward too. So yes I am a sponge, I will absorb it all.

There are so many books that I have to read, I will be reading the same throughout my journey and will keep getting better at it.

I believe if this journey is possible, its possible with the support of the community in form of:-



Meet up





Thank you,