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Paco De La India

Paco De la India

I have been traveling around the world over the last 6 years and going to different countries, and being an Indian Passport holder, I realized how easy it would be to have just one Passport and one single currency for everyone. 

Well, One single passport is still far away, but 1 Cuurency is possible. I believe BITCOIN is the answer. I have read the Bitcoin Standard and the White paper. The adoption is still happening. Bitcoin is like a rabbit hole. And I am in there. I would like to now travel around the World and Vlog the entire journey by just using BITCOIN. I strongly believe that there are wonderful people who believe in Bitcoin too. I would love to meet you all in your city, state, country wherever you are.

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Who is Paco?

I am a desi boy born in India but have been running around the world over the last 6 years. I have run in over 250 cities, in 24 countries. Yes, I have been running in every city I travel to.

The Joy

I have couchsurfed with over 400 families during my journey and I have learned there are angels along the way. And meeting all people and sharing my joy and multiplying theirs is what I enjoy the best.

My Quote

This world is one big community and we are connected. Just Hola

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